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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "CEASE FIRE"
Production Number: 041
Original Air Date: 02-12-03
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Shran leads the Andorian Imperial Guard to reclaim a disputed Class-D planet -- called Paan Mokar by the Vulcans and Weytahn by the Andorians -- near Vulcan space, but Vulcan soldiers attack the planet, resulting in a stalemate. After the Andorians take three Vulcan soldiers prisoner, Shran tells the Vulcans that he will negotiate if human Captain Archer will mediate.

Admiral Forrest orders Captain Archer and the Enterprise to the planet, where Archer meets Vulcan Ambassador Soval, who is trying to negotiate with the Andorians. Soval is concerned about Archer's involvement, since the last time Archer dealt with the Andorians, a Vulcan intelligence site was compromised and a priceless monastery destroyed.

Archer and Subcommander T'Pol go to the planet to meet with Shran, and Shran releases one of the prisoners. Archer returns to the surface with Ambassador Soval to negotiate with Shran, but their shuttle is attacked by an Andorian faction that is tired of negotiations.

Archer manages to get Ambassador Soval to Shran, and uncovers the Andorian plot to kill them. Shran and Soval finally negotiate a cease fire between the Andorian Imperial Council and the Vulcan High Command, and their talks will continue on Andoria.

  • Factoid: Dr. Phlox served as a medic in the Denobulan infantry.

  • Factoid: Andorians began to terraform the planet they call Weytahn a century ago, and created a settlement after an atmosphere was formed. Paan Mokar was claimed by Vulcans in 2097, contending the Andorians were using it as a military outpost on the edge of Vulcan space.

  • Guest Characters: Shran, Admiral Forrest, Vulcan Ambassador Soval
    Alien Races: Vulcans, Andorians

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