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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "BOUNTY"
Production Number: 051
Original Air Date: 05-14-03
Stardates: March 21, 2153

Synopsis: After three days exploring an uninhabited planet, the Enterprise is contacted by a Tellarite ship. Captain Skalaar of the Tellarite Mining Consortium asks to come aboard the Enterprise, but when he does, he captures Captain Archer and escapes in his ship.

Skalaar is a bounty hunter who is returning Captain Archer to Qo'noS to collect a reward of 9,000 darseks for Archer, who escaped from the Klingon prison Rura Penthe. Skalaar plans to use the reward to reclaim his impounded freighter, the Tezra, from the Klingons, but he learns from his brother that the Klingons have cannibalized the ship and there is nothing left of it worth retrieving.

After they elude another bounty hunter named Kago, Archer convinces Skalaar to help him escape from the Klingons. After Klingon Captain Goroth takes custody of Archer, Archer breaks out of his cell and launches an escape pod, which is picked up by the Enterprise following Skalaar's directions. The Enterprise gets away from the Klingons, but Skalaar warns that the Klingons will likely raise their bounty on Archer.

Dr. Phlox and Subcommander T'Pol are infected with an alien microbe while on the planet, and they must remain in the Decontamination Chamber until the infectious microbe is eliminated. The microbes trigger the Pon Farr -- the cycle of mating -- prematurely in T'Pol, and she must mate with a male or she will die, unless Dr. Phlox can cure the microbe.

  • Factoid: A good argument is considered a sport by the Tellarites.

  • Factoid: On the planet, Dr. Phlox found marsupials whose saliva is a natural anticoagulant.

  • Factoid: Denobulan males are more inhibited than their women.

  • Guest Characters: *Skalaar, *Kago, *Captain Goroth
    Alien Races: Klingons, Tellarites

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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