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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "ANOMALY"
Production Number: 054
Original Air Date: 09-17-03
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: As the Enterprise moves deeper into the Delphic Expanse, increasing spatial anomalies disable the ship's warp drive and other systems. The Enterprise locates another disabled alien ship nearby, whose crew has been killed recently.

A ship of Osaarian pirates attacks the disabled Enterprise and a boarding party steals many supplies, including all of the antimatter storage pods, but one of the pirates is captured.

The Enterprise follows the Osaarians' ion trail to a cloaked spherical base that is nineteen kilometers in diameter and constructed entirely of a single alloy. The sphere is nearly a thousand years old, and it is producing massive amounts gravimetric energy, possibly related to the spatial anomalies in the area. Inside the abandoned sphere, the Enterprise crew finds its stolen equipment, as well as supplies stolen from many other alien ships, including a Xindi ship.

Captain Archer locks the captured Osaarian pirate in a depressurized airlock until he reveals the access codes to his ship's computer, so that the Enterprise can download the stolen Xindi database. When the Osaarian ship returns to the cloaked sphere, the Enterprise attacks it, disabling its engines, and downloads the Xindi database. The captured Osaarian is returned to the sphere before the Enterprise resumes its course deeper into the Expanse.

  • Factoid: Dr. Phlox recognizes the Osaarians, who are not originally from the Delphic Expanse.

  • Factoid: The Vulcan High Command has had little contact with the Osaarians, who have a large merchant fleet and no record of piracy.

  • Factoid: The Osaarian ship's hull is composed of polyduranium.

  • Factoid: Ships with hulls insulated with trellium-D are protected from spatial anomalies in the Delphic Expanse.

  • Factoid: The secretions of Aldeberan mud leeches act as a natural sedative.

  • Guest Characters: Porthos, *Crewman Fuller dies, Sergeant Kemper, *Corporal McKenzie, *Woods, *Corporal Hawkins
    Alien Races: *Osaarians, *Aldeberan mud leeches

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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