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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "STORM FRONT"
Production Number: 077
Original Air Date: 10-08-04
Stardates: 1944

Synopsis: The Enterprise crew finds itself two centuries in the past, in the middle of World War II, but the past has been altered, and the Nazi army has invaded the East Coast of North America with the assistance of extraterrestrials from the future.

Captain Archer is captured by the Nazis, but he escapes when American resistance fighters attack. He meets a group of resistance fighters in New York City, and they help him find one of the extraterrestrials. Archer questions the alien, and learns that the extraterrestrials are trapped in the past, and they are cooperating with the Germans in order to construct a conduit back to the future, where their enemies from Earth will never have existed. Archer uses the alien's communicator to contact the Enterprise.

Daniels appears on the Enterprise close to death, and tells the crew that factions in the Temporal Cold War are altering history to destroy their enemies. The aliens helping the Nazis are led by Vosk, a fanatic violently opposed to the Temporal Accords, who defeated Daniels' faction in the future. Daniels sent Archer and the Enterprise back to this time period in order to capture Vosk and prevent the war in the future.

Silik of the Suliban Cabal has been hiding aboard the Enterprise and he steals a shuttlepod to get to Earth's surface. Commander Tucker and Ensign Mayweather transport down and destory the shuttlepod before the Nazi soldiers can recover it, but Silik cannot be found. Tucker and Mayweather are captured by the Nazis.

Guest Characters: *Vosk, *[Winston Churchill], *[Billie Holiday], Daniels, Silik, Porthos
Alien Races: Suliban

KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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