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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Episode Title: "STORM FRONT, PART II"
Production Number: 078
Original Air Date: 10-15-04
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Germans are becoming impatient with Vosk because he has not yet given them the advanced weapons technology he has promised them. Vosk is preparing his temporal conduit to return to the future, and does not want to give the Germans weapons that can be used against him.

Lt. Reed determines where this altered timeline diverged: In 1916, someone assassinated Lenin, so the Bolsheviks never gained power. Russia never became Communist, and Germany didn't consider it a threat. Hitler was able to concetrate his forces on the West, conquering France, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, then invading the eastern United States. However, Vosk and his men arrived on Earth only recently, so Lenin may have been assassinated at another point in the Temporal Cold War.

Silik uses his genetic enhancements to impersonate Commander Tucker, who was captured with Ensign Mayweather by the Germans. After interrogating them, Vosk has determined that they are too primitive to possess time travel technology, so he arranges to meet with Captain Archer to return the Enterprise officers.

Archer knows that Vosk is trapped in the Twentieth Century, and is trying to return to the Twenty-ninth Century. Vosk knows that Archer is working for temporal agents who enforce the Temporal Accords. Vosk believes that time travel should be used freely, and says that he will restore Archer's timeline if Archer helps him return to the future and defeat the temporal agents.

Back aboard the Enterprise, Dr. Phlox discovers that Tucker has been replaced by Silik, and Archer locks the Suliban agent in the Brig. Silik was carrying a disk containing schematics of Vosk's facility; Archer suspects that Silik's benefactor in the future wanted Vosk's technology so that he could travel into the past, and that Silik was placed aboard the Enterprise in order to retrieve the information in Earth's past.

Silik agrees to help Archer break into Vosk's facility and disable its shields before Vosk can complete the temporal conduit and start the Temporal Cold War. Silik tells Archer that Vosk's faction once tried to eradicate the Suliban by traveling into the past to prevent the Suliban species from attaining sentience, but they were stopped by the temporal agents of Daniels' faction.

Silik is killed by German soldiers, but Archer disables the shields of Vosk's facility and returns to the Enterprise with Commander Tucker. With photonic torpedoes, the Enterprise destroys Vosk's base before he can enter the temporal conduit, resetting the entire timeline that Vosk would have altered.

Daniels appears and tells Archer that the timeline has been restored, and the Enterprise is returned to its correct century.

  • Factoid: Ensign O'Malley was 26 when she was killed in a battle with a hostile species.

  • Factoid: The greatest scientist of Vosk's people once said, "Every moment we live, we are moving through time."

  • Guest Characters: *[German Chancellor Adolf Hitler], Vosk, Silik dies, Daniels, *[Ensign O'Malley], Alicia Travers
    Alien Races: Suliban

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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