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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "BORDERLAND"
Production Number: 080
Original Air Date: 10-29-04
Stardates: May 17, 2154

Synopsis: In the Borderland -- a volitile region of space between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate -- the crew of a Klingon ship is attacked and killed by two "Augments" -- genetically enhanced humans grown from embryos stolen 20 years ago by Dr. Arik Soong from Cold Station 12, a top-secret medical research station where Starfleet keeps a stockpile of infectious diseases, along with genetically engineered embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars.

On Earth, Captain Archer is sent to question Dr. Soong in his prison cell. Soong says he took the embryos to a planet in the Trialas system and raised them, but has not seen them since he was captured a decade ago when they were about 10 years old. The crew of the Enterprise takes Dr. Soong to help track down the Augments in the Borderland, in order to avert a war with the Klingon Empire.

After two weeks of meditation on Vulcan's Mount Seleya following her marriage, T'Pol joins the Enterprise crew with a Starfleet rank of Commander. While exploring the Borderland, the Enterprise is attacked by two Orion Interceptors, which capture nine Enterprise crew members, including T'Pol, to be sold into slavery. Dr. Soong agrees to help Captain Archer infiltrate the Orion slave market and rescue the captured crew members.

While trying to escape the Orions, the Enterprise encounters the Augments aboard the stolen Klingon ship. The Augments overpower the Enterprise crew and take Dr. Soong with them.

  • Factoid: Genetic engineering has been used on Denobula for over two centuries, to generally positive effect.

  • Factoid: The Eugenics Wars on Earth resulted in 30 million deaths.

  • Factoid: Archer's father suffered from Clarke's Disease. His final years were marked with extreme pain.

  • Guest Characters: *Dr. Arik Soong, *Malik, *Saul, *Persis, *Raakin, *Jaya, *Ensign Jeffrey Pierce
    Alien Races: Klingons, Orions, Tellarites

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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