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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "THE CROSSING"
Production Number: 044
Original Air Date: 04-02-03
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: A large, previously unknown alien ship travelling at warp 6 overtakes the Enterprise, pulling it inside an inner chamber of the alien ship. All power to weapons and engines on the Enterprise is disabled.

Non-corporeal, wisp-like perceptive energy beings inside the alien ship begin to possess various members of the Enterprise crew, displacing the crew's minds while using their bodies. The aliens claim to live and travel in subspace, and want to exchange their experiences with the Enterprise crew.

After several crew members are possessed by the alien wisps, the rest of the crew moves to the catwalk in the starboard warp nacelle, which is reinforced with osmium alloy that the wisps cannot penetrate.

Subcommander T'Pol, whose disciplined Vulcan mind can resist possession by the alien wisps, learns that the aliens' ship is damaged and they cannot repair it, so they want to use the crews of the Enterprise and other ships to escape their ship, but Captain Archer will not cooperate, and wants to restore his crew members' minds to their own bodies and escape from the aliens.

  • Factoid: The Enterprise is 150 light-years from Earth.

  • Factoid: The are 82 human crew members on the Enterprise.

  • Guest Characters: Crewman Rostov, *Ensign Cook
    Alien Races: *Wisps

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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